The Tangaer Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Kennel was established in 1985, I have been breeding this lovely hound with type, temperament and sound construction upermost in my mind with the emphasis on quality NOT quantity. While I have been very successful in the show ring ALL my dogs are first and foremost PETS, with showing being a secondary consideration. If you would like to learn more about my dogs or the breed in general please look around my site and feel free to contact me.

Linda Lewis

In 2006 I celebrated 21 years of being owned by my adorable PETITS!

In 2004 I was named top breeder of the year  & for this I thank my wonderful owners who helped make this award possible.  I like to think that I have consistently produced winning stock who not only have proved themselves in the show ring but also as much loved pets, which to me is of paramount importance.

I was judging Irish Setters in Scotland in 1983 where I saw my first PBGV in the flesh and I knew then I had to have one, it was love at first sight.  I acquired my first PBGV in December 1985 from the Jaclin Kennels of Lynne Owens. Her name was Jaclin Noli Me Tangere, known to us as Vicky. She was the most adorable little girl, but sadly she died in March 1995 of kidney cancer. She will never be forgotten as she lives on in her progeny.

To date the kennel has made up 6 Champions, 5 homebred with Champion Tangaer Idris also gaining his American Title recently on his extended holiday in the USA.
Champion Garwedd Du Greffier Du Roi At Tangaer (Gary)

In 1998 I imported Garwedd Du Greffier Du Roi at Tangaer from Jolanda Huisman in the Netherlands. Gary as he is known at home arrived here at 10 months and soon gained his UK Title.

Since his arrival in the UK Gary has made an amazing impact on the breed. Mated to approved bitches and at limited stud he has passed on his wonderful PETIT type and many other qualities to the breed and to date is the sire of 6 UK Champions.

He has been TOP STUD DOG in the breed from 2000 to 2005 inclusive. He’s the sire of Ch Willowbrae Amazing Grace for Afterglow & her litter brother Ch Willowbrae As You Like It who was TOP PETIT 2004. My Ch Tangaer Jou Jou another of Gary’s daughters was TOP PETIT BITCH 2004. Gary was also TOP STUD DOG in the hound group for 2005.

“Three Tangaers in a bed” at Lincolnshire. Wilson, Dilys & Florence.owned & adored by Katherine & Sheelah Bamford.

Owning a BGV can be a very rewarding past time! Even though you may despair of them on occasions, I feel that the pluses out weigh the minuses! They are capable of lifting you out of the depths of depression as you only need to look at that cheeky, devil-may-care, hairy faces and cannot help but smile!!

You can read about us in the new PBGV book by Valerie Link & Linda Skerritt.

We are on Page 132 – 133

(If you wish to buy the book at Amazon.co.uk, click on its picture).

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